Ceramics is a sublime art in object manufacturing. Having clay as a key element it becomes unchangeable after being fired. Handmade ceramics is one of the oldest traditions in Portugal dating back to 16th century with the beginning of white clay paste manufacturing. Our products’ designs are inspired by portuguese tiles and earthenware from the 19th and 20th centuries. Traditional motifs are based in three natural elements: earth, water and air, usually represented by flowers, fish, roosters and other birds. The main shapes include plates, platters, jugs/pitchers and bowls.
Every piece is carefully hand painted using original ancient techniques. We use high fire colours only, like blue, green, pink, brown and yellow. Our high quality earthenware shows the rich depth of colour and glaze characteristic of hand made production. All glazes are lead free and withstand everyday use. Each piece is unique and can be used for decoration purposes or at the table in your everyday meals with your family and friends.
Our products are made by humans for humans. We believe in the value and relevance of the handmade utilitarian object. Utility supports an authenticity dependant upon the direct communication of maker to user, through the object.
Our production is based on traditional ancient techniques like the shaping and painting with high fire ceramic inks. All pieces are carefully glazed by hand followed by firing in a 1m3 kiln. Our production process enables us to produce about 2400 pieces per year. If you would like to know more, please contact us at ofceramics@gmail.com.

"I picked it up today and I just can't get over how beautiful these are.  Such treasure!! Thank you so much for this wonderful set." - Evelyn

"The things look beautiful and I like them very much. Thank you for all this and for these things who are made with [so much] love for the details."

- Carsten

"Hello Milu and Jorge, I received the package last night. Every piece of ceramics is beautiful. Thank you very much!" - Yukimi

"Akiko-san and I would like to thank you very much for your lovely gifts, we were so surprised. Akiko-san was jumping, and me too! We love the bowl, amazing paint work." - Akiko & Adrian

Bem... Nem tenho palavras para descrever a abertura da caixa! O deparar-me com esta peça inigualável! Está absolutamente perfeita! Superou tudo e mais alguma coisa que pudesse ter visualizado mentalmente. Que equipa maravilhosa que sois! Muitos parabéns. Que trabalho bonito e NOSSO! Agradeçam por mim a quem a pintou, de coração!! A quem a imaginou, a quem tratou de cada passo... O meu obrigada e da minha mana. Tenho a certeza que a pessoa especial que a vai receber vai partilhar da minha admiração e alegria!! O vosso trabalho, a vossa dedicação, o pormenor, o profissionalismo com que trataram de tudo é, hoje em dia, de louvar. - Ana Neto